Qingdao Day Tours

Here are just a few examples of tours we can offer in Qingdao, but these can all be adapted to your own timetable and interests. A local English-speaking guide with a car and driver will meet you at your hotel, office, airport or railway station, and prices are based on 2 persons sharing.

Mount Laoshan - QG11

Mount Laoshan stands 3,700ft above Qingdao, said to be home to a god and a goddess who procure husbands and wives for those who come and ask. Enjoy rambling past rocky outcrops and waterfalls, springs of curative water, ancient Taoists temples and majestic trees.

Qingdao Surprise - QG12

The Germans founded the Tsingtao Beer Factory in 1903 and it still produces beer today. After a tour of the Bavarian-style brewery visit the Catholic Church and the Ying Binguan – once a hotel and now a museum, built in 1905 in the style of a fairy-tale fortress.  

To book one of these tours please call us on our business services direct line 020 7935 0055 or you can fill out our online booking form.

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