Unforgettable China travels with spellbinding scenery, age-old Buddhist temples and the daily traditions of minority people.

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Victor Wang

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“Travel in search of Shangri-la.”

This China tour encompasses the most dramatically beautiful and culturally vibrant triangle of Sichuan, Tibet and Yunnan, where old trade routes through Asia connected ancient kingdoms of ethnic minorities otherwise isolated by geography.

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  • Chengdu

  • Dali

  • Kunming

  • Lhasa

  • Lijiang

  • Shanghai

22 - day tour to Shanghai (2 nights), Chengdu (2 nights), Lhasa (3 nights), Gyantze (1 night), Shigatze (2 nights), Lhasa (1 night), Zhongdian-Shangri-la (2 nights), Lijiang (2 nights), Dali (1 night), Kunming (2 nights) and Shanghai (1 night).

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Sichuan, Tibet and Yunnan

  • Minority people in China

    Minority Villagers

  • Lhasa's Potala Palace

    Potala Palace

  • Song Dynasty Three Pagodas in Dali

    Three Pagodas

  • Stone Forest, Kunming

    Stone Forest

  • Old Town of Lijiang

    Lijiang Old Town

Minority Villagers

Minority Villagers

China Tour Full Itinerary

Key: B=Breakfast L=Lunch D=Dinner

Day 1


Fly non-stop from London Heathrow to Shanghai.

Day 2


On arrival be transferred for a stay two nights at the 4* Shanghai Ocean Hotel.

Day 3


Stroll around the delightful Yuyuan Garden, its ponds, pavilions, paths and plants creating an infinitely varied series of exquisite views, and visit Jade Buddha Temple whose statues were carried all the way from Burma. Later walk along Shanghai’s riverside promenade, the Bund, with 19th century European architecture along one bank, and the futuristic skyscrapers of Pudong opposite.  BLD

Day 4


Fly to Chengdu for two nights at the 5*Tibet Hotel.  In a quaint and colourful part of the old town, step back in time as you walk along Kuanzhai Lanes, lined with traditional houses decorated with intricate woodcarving and red lanterns.  BD

Day 5


Get close to one of the world’s most adorable and endangered animals at the Panda Research Base here which both supports those living in the wild and also works on a successful breeding programme. Later attend an intriguing and entertaining Sichuan ‘face-changing’ Opera – see if you can spot how the performers swap their masks so quickly!  BLD

Day 6


Fly to Lhasa to stay four nights at the 5*Brahmaputra Hotel. The rest of the day is free to rest and acclimatise to Tibet’s high altitudes, 12,000ft above sea level here in Lhasa and rising to 15,750ft later in the journey.  BLD

Day 7


Visit the 15th century Sera Monastery and its Great Assembly Hall, dormitories and colleges where 10,000 monks used to live. Later, follow the throngs of pilgrims as they make the clockwise circuit along Barkhor Street that encircles the golden-roofed Jokhang Temple, home to the most sacred Buddha statue for Tibetans.  BLD

Day 8


425ft above the city on Red Mountain stands the fortress-like Potala Palace,13 storeys high  and with 1,000 rooms filled with statues, chapels, manuscripts and murals. Potala was the winter palace of the Dalai Lamas and Tibet’s political and spiritual headquarters for centuries, and later you will visit the summer palace, Norbulingka, a complex of delightful pavilions and gardens outside the city.  BLD

Day 9


One of the three great monasteries of Tibet, Drepung Monastery is a religious university where around 600 monks live – in its heyday before the Potola Palace was built there were over 10,000 and it was the largest in the world.  BLD

Day 10


Leave Lhasa and drive along the Southern Friendship Highway in the direction of Kathmandu, over the Kampa La mountain pass to Yamdrok Lake, the sacred ‘holy sapphire’ and female guardian of Buddhism in Tibet. Continue past the Karo La Glacier to the small town of Gyantze and stay overnight at the 3*Gyantze Hotel..  BLD

Day 11


This morning visit Palkhor Chode Monastery and its nine-storey pyramid-like structure known as a kumbum with 76 chapels lined with lavish murals. Continue to Shigatze to stay at the Shandong Mansion Hotel for two nights. BLD

Day 12


Visit the Tashilhungpo Monastery, founded by the first Dalai Lama in the 15th century and traditional seat of his second-in-command, the Panchen Lama, ever since. See the jewel-encrusted tomb of the tragic 10th Panchen Lama, the 86ft-high Maitreya Buddha statue, murals and the immense Thangka Wall.  BLD

Day 13


Drive back to Lhasa, ‘the Ground of the Gods’, through rugged scenery along the Northern Friendship Highway for a final night in Tibet.  BLD

Day 14


Fly to Zhongdian in the north-west of China’s Yunnan province, a photogenic town perched on a Himalayan plateau and once a staging post on the Southern Silk Road down to Vietnam. It was renamed Shangri La a few years ago due to its natural beauty, and we stay two nights in this ‘fabled paradise’ at the 4*Shiner Hotel.  BLD

Day 15


Visit Songzanlin Monastery, dating from the 16th century and rebuilt following damage during the 1959 invasion of Tibet. Drive out to Napa and Shudu Lakes, surrounded by snowy mountains, forests, rich pastures and picturesque hillside hamlets. Visit one of these to meet a local Tibetan family and enjoy a hearty home-cooked dinner.  BLD

Day 16


Drive south to Lijiang, once the capital of the Naxi Kingdom, en-route admiring the world’s deepest canyon at Tiger Leaping Gorge where the Yangtze is forced through a narrow gap in the rocks. In Lijiang visit the local beauty spots Black Dragon Pool and Lion Hill, and listen to the traditional music of the Naxi orchestra. Stay two nights at 4*Old Town Hotel.  BL

Day 17


Take a cable car ride up sacred Jade Dragon Snow Mountain and the southernmost glacier in the northern hemisphere, and explore Lijiang’s quaint old town with its 354 bridges and elaborately carved Naxi houses.  BL

Day 18


Drive south through the green, rural lands of the Bai people and pass Erhai Lake to Dali, to stay at the 4*Landscape Hotel for the night.  Ascend Cangshan Mountain by chairlift for glorious panoramas, see the elegant, thousand-year-old towers of the Song Dynasty Three Pagodas and the exotic Catholic Church, and shop in the pleasant old quarter. BLD

Day 19


Fly to Kunming, the capital of Yunnan and staging post along the old trading route to neighbouring Burma, part of the southern Silk Road, and stay two nights at the 4*Jinjiang Hotel.   On arrival, visit the Western Hills that locals say resemble a beautiful girl reclining on the banks of Dianchi Lake. B

Day 20


Today visit the extraordinary Stone Forest, a hundred square miles of thin, jagged limestone towers like giant trees,  and the Tang Dynasty Bamboo Temple.  BL

Day 21


Fly to Shanghai for an overnight stay at 4* Shanghai Ocean Hotel. B

Day 22

Shanghai / London Heathrow

Fly from Shanghai to London Heathrow. B



B=Breakfast    L=Lunch    D=Dinner

Tour Departure Dates - Sichuan, Tibet and Yunnan

  • 1 Aug 2019£5095
  • 5 Sep 2019£4985
  • 10 Oct 2019£4985

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At the end of this tour to Sichuan, Tibet and Yunnan take a high speed train to the delightful town of Hangzhou to enjoy a cruise on the scenic West Lake, a visit to a traditional pharmacy and exquisite manor house and gardens, and a stroll along a quaint old street lined with picturesque houses. The perfect end to your China travels!

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£ 395 per person twin shared.

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If you would like to make this into a private tour just for you and your partner, friends or family , enjoying the benefit of travelling with your own chauffeur and English speaking guide and choosing your own departure date, please call and ask our tailor-made team on 020 7487 2999 to make arrangements for your travels in China.

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