Home to five of the world's most magnificent UNESCO World Heritage Sites, Beijing is awesome, majestic, simply incomparable - it’s the perfect destination for first time visitors and those already bitten by the Beijing bug


As the capital of China for three thousand years, Xian was the home of thirteen ancient imperial dynasties, and the Terracotta Army was created to guard the tomb of the very first emperor.

Yangtze River

Cruise along China's Golden Waterway with Victoria Cruises and Century Cruises, the best river cruise vessels on the Yangtze. All cruises pass through the renowned Three Gorges and the impressive Three Gorges Dam


Admire Guilin's innumerable scenic spots, immortalised in paintings, music and poetry since time immemorial. The Li River cruise is among the most memorable of China’s excursions.


Relax in Chengdu, the colourful and cheerful capital of Sichuan, the home of Sichuan Opera, Giant Pandas, quaint teahouses and the ancient Kuanzhai Lanes


The Queen of the Orient, the Paris of the East...Shanghai is still indisputably one of the finest cities in Asia. A gleaming, dazzling, futuristic metropolis, yet pockets of the past survive


Explore the centre of the Bai and other minority people in Dali in the heart of Yunnan. Dali's ancient town is charming and quaint, a real taste of old China


Kunming enjoys a blend of Bai minority, Tibetan, Vietnamese, Laos and Burmese influences and a wealth of remarkable natural beauty spots - the Stone Forest, Western Hill and Lake Dian


'The Venice of the East', according to Marco Polo, and ‘Heaven on Earth’ according to ancient poets. Filled with exquisite gardens and also famous for its rich brocades and intricate embroidery


Marco Polo said that without doubt, Hangzhou was “the finest and noblest city in the world”. West Lake is lovely - pavilions, pagodas, trees and flowers, the hills in the distance.


This fabled land of nomads and pilgrims, monasteries and mountain passes has enthralled travellers for generations. Our classic Tibet tour includes Beijing, Kathmandu, Mount Everest and 'the Roof of the World' train to Lhasa


A charming old town of cobbled alleys, canals, wooden houses and locals in traditional costume, Lijiang is the centre of the matriarchal Naxi minority people, originally from western Tibet


Spend a night or two in Macao, the oldest European settlement in the east and just an hour's boat ride from Hong Kong - its Portuguese heritage is still very much part of the island's culture


Qingdao is the twin town of Southampton, and played host to the 2008 Olympic sailing events. It is also home to the Tsingtao Beer Factory, established by the Germans in 1903


This entire town is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, an atmospheric and charming fragment of old China. Admire old-fashioned teahouses, shops selling salt and silk, noodle restaurants and China's first bank


Definitely worth a visit during the month-long Snow and Ice Festivals. Discover why Harbin was once known as 'little Russia'.

Hong Kong

An endlessly fascinating blend of western and oriental influences, old and new side by side - add an extra couple of nights to the end of your tour and enjoy Asia's top travel destination!


Known as 'the beautiful isle' and 'the Hawaii of the Orient' Taiwan is a delightful tropical island with Taipei as its strikingly modern capital filled with priceless art from the Forbidden City


Guangzhou is also known as the Pearl River Delta Mega City as well as the City of Flowers. The city is home to several great historical attractions as well as the famous Canton Fair.


Yangshuo is surrounded by timeless traditional villages. Don't miss the spectacular evening open air performance, Impressions of San Liujie.

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