Venture off the beaten track on this tour of China's minority villages, a scenic touring holiday through charming rural provinces and finishing amidst the rice terraces of Guilin.

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Tanya Tang

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“Touring China's remotest corners, you find its hidden riches.”

Join us on this unique touring holiday in China where dozens of ethnic minorities preserve their age-old way of life and strong cultural identity, their history and legends told in the intricate designs of their embroidery and jewellery, in heartfelt songs and exuberant dances. Touring China's remotest regions of river valleys overlooked by steep terraced rice fields has never been so rewarding!

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18 - day tour to Shanghai (1 night), Guiyang (1 night), Anshun (1 night),Kaili (1 night), Xijiang (2 nights), Rongjiang (1 night), Zhaoxing (2 nights), Sanjiang (1 night), Longji (2 nights), Guilin (1 night), Yangshuo (2 nights) and Shanghai (1 night).

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Minority Villages

  • villagers in Guizhou


  • terraced rice fields of Lonji

    Yulong River

  • traditional village house, Guizhou


  • Rice fields near Guilin

    Rice paddies

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    Li River



China Tour Full Itinerary

Key: B=Breakfast L=Lunch D=Dinner

Day 1


Fly from London Heathrow non-stop to Shanghai. 

Day 2


On arrival in Shanghai transfer to the 4*Shanghai Ocean Hotel for an overnight stay.

Day 3


Fly to Guiyang, the capital of Guizhou province in the south of China, for an overnight stay at the 4* Trade-Point Hotel. BLD

Day 4


Drive to Anshun and the magnificent Huangguosho Waterfall, 225ft high and 265ft wide, and Tianxing Bridge beauty spot with its rocks, caves and water. Stay overnight at the Grand Metro Park Hotel.  BLD

Day 5


Visit the Bouyei village of Tian Long where you can see a collection of the famous local di opera masks, made of wood and brightly painted, and whose menfolk still dress as they did 600 years ago when they were first sent here as frontier troops. Watch Shiqiao villagers make decorative paper the old way from tree bark, and the women at Qingman produce cotton and silk to make clothes. Stay at the Heaven-Sent Dragon Hotel in Kaili.  BLD

Day 6


A visit to the Minorities Culture Museum serves as a good introduction to the customs, costumes, domestic life, crafts and festivals of the various minorities of the region, such as those of the Gejia people of Matang Village whose womenfolk are highly skilled at batik and petit point, and which we visit later. Also walk around the upper and lower Jidao Miao villages to see their waterwheels, stilt houses and the distinctive long-skirted costumes of the women. Continue to Xijiang Village, the largest Miao Village of the region of around 1,200 typical wooden houses on stilts to stay two nights at the Hotel in the Clouds.  BLD

Day 7


Spend the day amidst wonderful scenery and rural charms of daily life in this authentic Miao Village. The wooden houses of Xijiang sprawl up two hillsides in the White Water River valley in the foothills of Leigong Mountain, surrounded by terraced fields and fantastic views. Watch the farmers head off to work with their shoulder poles and buffalo, see the women display their famous cross-stitch embroidery, batik and silver headdresses in distinctive designs. Later enjoy a performance by the local Miao of their traditional music and dance. BLD

Day 8


Today explore the home of the God of Thunder at Leigong Mountain, 7,150ft high, its slopes scattered with Shui and Miao villages. Also see the Shui villagers making bamboo musical flute-like pipes called lusheng – they are well known for their love of music, dance and song. After admiring the surprising mini-skirts of the women of Datang we approach Rongjiang where we stay at the Dongxiangmi Hotel.  BLD

Day 9


A scenic riverside drive to Basha Miao village, isolated and almost untouched by the modern world. The men have shaved heads except for a long ponytail at the top of their head twisted into a topknot, carry knives and guns, and their embroidered coat tails display how many girls’ hearts they have won. Continue to Gaozeng Dong village where the girls adorn themselves with huge pieces of silver jewellery, then on to Zhaoxing to stay two nights at the Zhaoxing Hotel. BLD

Day 10


All Dong villages have at least one Drum Tower which serves as  watchtower and community hall, but Zhaoxing has five, one for each clan, and there are also five covered bridges known as Wind-and-Rain Bridges, and these are covered in paintings of folk tales, animals and daily life. Spend the day exploring Zhaoxing. BLD

Day 11


Drive to Sanjiang in neighbouring Guangxi province, on the way seeing the region’s famous 100-year-old wind-and-rain bridge which is a beautiful piece of architecture - its five pavilions are supported by five stone pillars and connected by roofed corridors with sweeping eaves, and the entire 250ft-long bridge is made of wood with no nails. See Sanjiang’s other fine building, the 155ft high pyramid-like Drum Tower and stay at the Fengyuqiao International Hotel. BLD

Day 12


Admire photogenic Gaoding Dong village which is off the beaten track, visit the Temple of the Three Kings, Sangwanggong, and Batuan’s wind-and-rain bridge that uniquely has one aisle for people and another for livestock. Drive onwards to the Dragon’s Backbone Mountains at Longji and stay at Star Wish Resort for two nights. BLD

Day 13


There being no flat land to farm in this region, the local Zhuang and Yao people had to create their own, and so 800 years ago they started carving these mountains into ribbons of rice terraces that coil around the contours of the steep slopes. There are now over 16,300 acres of rice terraces and today walk through some of them to picturesque Ping’An village. BLD

Day 14


Drive to Guilin and climb Yao Mountain along a path lined with temples and statues for fantastic views of the karst mountains that rise steeply from the river valley below. Also visit a local tea plantation and stay overnight at the Guilin Bravo Hotel.  BLD

Day 15


Morning cruise along the Li River to Yangshuo through breathtakingly-lovely scenery.  Time for last-minute shopping at Yangshuo’s handicrafts market before a spectacular son et lumiere show with the 600-strong cast on rafts on the river. Stay two nights at Yangshuo Green Lotus Hotel.   BLD

Day 16


A day to enjoy a gentle bicycle ride along the lovely Yulong River and to drift through poetic landscapes on a bamboo raft.  BLD

Day 17


Visit Silver Cave inside a karst mountain where bizarrely-shaped stalagmites and stalagtites are likened to mythical beasts and dramatically illuminated. Drive back to Guilin and fly to Shanghai, for a final night at the 4* Ocean Hotel.  BLD

Day 18

Shanghai /  London

Fly to non-stop from Shanghai to London Heathrow. B



B=Breakfast    L=Lunch    D=Dinner

Tour Departure Dates - Minority Villages

  • 23 May 2019£3765
  • 6 Jun 2019£3765
  • 1 Aug 2019£3985
  • 5 Sep 2019£3865
  • 12 Sep 2019£3865
  • 10 Oct 2019£3865
  • 24 Oct 2019£3865
  • 7 Nov 2019£3765

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