Chengdu Day Tours

If you are in Chengdu and only have a day or even just a few hours free, make the most of your time by taking a day tour with your own guide, car and driver to appreciate the local attractions and culture. Prices are based on 2 persons travelling together.

Pandas and Old Chengdu - CD11

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Get close to the world’s most adorable and endangered animals at the Panda Research Base which supports those living in the wild and also has a breeding programme. Later walk along Kuanzhai Lanes, a quaint and colourful part of town, and visit Wenshu Temple.

Sichuan Heritage - CD13

Visit the riverside village of Huanglongxi, where parts of the film Crouching Tiger. Hidden Dragon were filmed. This small village is little known by tourists, and you can enjoy the relaxed Sichuanese lifestyle, wandering down the narrow Qing dynasty lanes and into ancient teahouses.


Traditional Chengdu - CD12

Get close to one of the world’s most adorable and endangered animals, at the Panda Research Base where the current status and future of giant pandas is of great concern. The base supports both those animals living in the wild and has a successful breeding programme. Later tour the Wenshu Monastery, Tea House and Wangjianglou Pavilion.

Village Life and Panda's - CD14

En-route to Ya'an, visit the picturesque town of Shangli with its traditional houses and bridges.  Continue to Ya'an and visit the world’s most adorable and endangered animals, at the Bifengxia Panda Base where over 70 pandas live in semi-natural surroundings, learning how to survive in the wild before they are set free.

Giant Buddha at Leshan

Visit the magnificent Giant Buddha in Leshan, a 233ft-high statute hewn into the cliffside in the 8th century.  A short cruise is included to view the Giant Buddha from a different angle

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