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Mountain Emei together with Mountain Wutashan, Taishan and Jiuhuashan is one of the Four Sacred Buddhist Mountains of China. It’s located in the Sichuan Province about three hours’ drive from Chengdu and its declared the UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1996.

The most beautiful path to the top of the mountain follows the southern route, which is also the longest. On your way to the top you’ll be rewarded with marvellous landscapes and colonies of monkeys. A word of warning, although they look innocent they can be very aggressive they’ll steal right out of your bag if you happen to open it in front of them. But if you show them your empty hands, they’re smart enough to go look for better prey. Either that or buy a strong walking stick for self-defence.

Emei Shan is the highest of China’s four holy Buddhist Mountains, rising 3,099m above sea level and on your way to the top you will come across the countless temples and pavilions
At 550m you will come across the Baoguo Temple with a 25-ton bronze bell dating from 1564. The Qingyin Pavilion offers some of the best views on the mountain. The Wannian Temple, built in the Jin dynasty houses a 7m high bronze figure of Samantabhadra sitting on a six-tusked white elephant weighing 62-tons. Between Hongchunping, at 1,120m, and the Xianfeng Temple you pass by the 99 Curves and the thousands of steps At the Leidongping Temple there is a cable car going to the top of the mountain. Continuing on foot from here takes another 2 hours. If the weather is nice, the views are divine at the 3077m high Golden Peak. This is the place to relax, meditate and enjoy the sunset. The sunrise is also one of China’s legendary experiences, but enjoying this means hiking up at night to be at the peak by sunrise.

The highest point of Emei Shan is the Ten Thousand Buddha Summit at 3,099m, a monorail can take you there from Golden Peak.

If you decide to visit Mt Emei bear in mind high altitude and effect which may have on you. We strongly suggest you to talk to your GP before decided to book a holiday to Mt Emei. The best way to visit Mt Emei is to fly to Chengdu and then spend three days traveling in the circle visiting the best place for pandas, Baoxing County in Ya’an then continue to Mt Emei and have overnight before reaching the summit following morning. Then continue to the Mt Leshan and Giant Buddha ( another UNESCO World Heritage Site before ending your trip in Chengdu again. The drive is through very lush country side and you can always arrange stop overs at some of the typical Chinese villages which are still commercialised.

For more information about travelling in Sichuan Province please check a spectacular 14 days tour “The Heavenly Kingdom of Sichuan”. Alternatively email us on or call us on 020 74872999

Visit to the Mountain Emei
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