Kung Pao Chicken


Kung Pao Chicken is a typical spicy, sweet and incredibly delicious traditional Sichuan dish made with diced chicken, peanuts and chilli pepper. It was named after a court official of the late 19th century, Ding Baozhen, who added chilli pepper to his favourite Sichuan stir-fried diced chicken.  The imperial court later granted Ding the title Taizi Shaobao or Kung Pao, which literally means “protector of the crown prince”, and in his memory the people named his favourite dish Kung Pao Chicken.

How to cook Kung Pao Chicken

Main ingredients:

250g boneless, skinless chicken breast, 100g peanuts

10g dried red chillies, 20g spring onions, 30g ginger, 20g garlic, 5g Sichuan peppercorn, 5g chilli powder


150g peanut oil, 10g granulated sugar, 10g Peking duck sauce, 20g soy sauce, 50g rice wine, 10g vinegar, 20g chicken stock, 5g fine salt, one egg


a. Wash the chicken breast until clean, slap it gently with the back of a knife to make the meat soft. Cut it into small cubes, and put them in a bowl. Add the egg white, salt and soy sauce into the bowl, and stir well.

b. Heat skillet and add some oil, fry the peanuts until they develop aroma, then remove the nuts from the oil, drain and set aside; and cut the dried red chillies into halves.

c. Place the granulated sugar, vinegar, soy sauce, gourmet powder and chicken stock and rice wine into a bowl and mix together the sauce ingredients. Marinate the chicken for 25 minutes.


a. Heat the oil for deep-frying in a wok, add and stir-fry the diced chicken for one minute. Place the chicken into a strainer and pat the oil away.

b. Leave a small amount of oil in the wok, add the dried red chilies and stir until the spicy flavour develops. Now place the ginger, garlic and  spring onion into the wok and stir-fry for a few seconds.

c. Add the fried chicken, peanuts and chilli powder and stir for another few seconds. Quickly pour the mixed sauce into the wok and stir the ingredients in. Serve and enjoy.

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Kung Pao Chicken
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