Kai Tak – From the Airport to the Pier

Kai Tak Terminal with China Holidays

Hong Kong’s place in Asia, both geographically and historically, has always made it an important destination and transfer hub for international flights. Now, Hong Kong has taken the initiative to become an important sea hub too, with the construction of the Kai Tak Ferry Terminal.  The first berth was opened to the public in June 2013; the second berth will be finished by August 2014. The new terminal will offer cruises to Singapore, China and other areas of Asia.

The Kai Tak terminal lies in East Kowloon and is the former home of the original Kai Tak airport. Kai Tak airport was famous for its unusual position in the city which caused planes to have to carefully glide past the Hong Kong skyline in order to land. The airport eventually closed in 1998 and was subsequently moved to the much flatter and safer Lantau Island in West Hong Kong. The former Kai Tak airport area became temporary office space and a place for recreational activities, such as go karting. However, it was eventually decided that a ferry terminal could offer larger economic gain to Hong Kong tourism.

The Kai Tak ferry terminal has numerous plans for many cruise routes, including cruises to Shanghai, Beijing and Japan. Furthermore, many cruise line companies will be operating out of the ferry terminal, including Royal Caribbean Cruises, Star Cruises and Voyages of Discovery which will increase tourism to Hong Kong and increase its accessibility for visitors.

Not only cruise companies, but also hotels are benefiting from the new ferry terminal. The Harbour Plaza 8 Degrees hotel was built in 2009 on the Kowloon City Road in East Kowloon. For those visiting Hong Kong, the location of this hotel may seem rather strange, as it is not near any underground stations; it is a distance from the popular Kowloon districts of Tsim Sha Tsui and Mong Kok; and  it is not within walking distance of the Star Ferry which travels to Hong Kong island. However, this hotel has been built in this area due to its accessibility to the new ferry terminal, which is only a 10 minute walk away. Once the inevitable increase of tourists travelling through Hong Kong reaches great heights, the effect on hotels in the area, including the Harbour Plaza 8 Degrees, will be massively positive.

The Harbour Plaza 8 Degrees is part of the Harbour Plaza hotels in Hong Kong. There are 3 in total. The 8 Degrees is a 4* hotel and gets its name from the fact that certain architecture in the hotel is tilted to an 8 degree, such as doorways, bins and glasses. The number 8 is very lucky in Chinese culture and the hotel hopes that this lucky charm will have its effect on the hotel’s future.

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Kai Tak – From the Airport to the Pier
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