Things to see and do in Hong Kong

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Hong Kong is one of the most famous cities in the world and is the main financial hub in Asia. Hong Kong was a British Territory since 1860 after China was forced to give the area over to the British after their defeat in the Opium Wars (1839-42 + 1856-60). During its time under British control, Hong Kong grew as a territory and became an economic centre much earlier than other parts of China. Hong Kong was officially handed back to China in 1997 and has maintained its growth and importance as a centre of economic importance. Hong Kong is also a forerunner in tourism and is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. China Holidays offers Hong Kong in our Group Tours as an extension to most of our tours as a place to relax and discover personally at the beginning or end of your mainland tour.

Hong Kong is home to some of the most iconic sights in the world. The Victoria Peak is the highest mountain on Hong Kong Island standing at 552M. The views from the Peak, as it is known locally, are some of the best in the city and can offer tourists a view of Hong Kong’s majestic skyline and of the beautiful harbour, filled with junk boats and old style ferries. In order to reach the top of the peak, one can walk or they can take the famous Peak Tram which carries passengers almost vertically up the side of the peak, providing a thrilling and unique experience. The top of the Peak is home to the most expensive properties in Hong Kong, which is clearly no surprise.

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The Victoria Harbour is a natural landform harbour between Hong Kong Island and Kowloon Peninsula. The Harbour has held vast importance for centuries due to its deep waters which allowed for tradesmen to easily import and export goods from China. Britain’s occupation of Hong Kong was based mostly on the importance of the Harbour for trade. The Harbour has long been a place of interest for tourists. From Kowloon side, visitors can enjoy fantastic views of Hong Kong’s skyline on Hong Kong Island, as well as enjoy the world famous light show which occurs every night on Hong Kong Island, lighting up the tallest of skyscrapers to timed music. The Harbour is also home to Hong Kong’s Avenue of Stars, a memorial to Hong Kong’s most famous actors and actresses, including Bruce Lee, Jet Li and Sammo Hung.

One of Hong Kong’s most distinct features is the Star Ferry which takes passengers between Hong Kong Island and Kowloon Peninsula. The Star Ferry Company was founded in 1888 and carries 70,000 passengers a day between the two regions of Hong Kong. The brilliance of the Star Ferry is that it maintains its affordable price despite the growing expense of Hong Kong as a city, as well as being a viable mode of transport across the Harbour. Furthermore, passengers can enjoy fantastic views of the city whilst crossing and enjoy the fresh air of the Harbour. As well as the Star Ferry being a traditional mode of transport in Hong Kong, the Hong Kong Trams have been running since the late 19th century and continue to skirt through the city, facilitating residences of Hong Kong and mesmerising tourists.

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Hong Kong cuisine is extremely popular with tourists and offers huge varieties. Hong Kong cuisine is heavily influenced by Cantonese dishes (south Chinese cuisine), which is also the main influence for British style Chinese food in the UK. Some of Hong Kong’s most famous dishes include Char Siu Buns (BBQ pork buns), suckling pig, roasted goose and milk tea. Of course, like the rest of China, Hong Kong is home to unusual dishes which may not suit the westerner’s pallet, including chicken feet, stinky tofu and century egg.

A trip to Hong Kong is not complete without a visit to the beautiful region of Macau, about 1 hour’s ferry ride from Hong Kong Island. Macau is most famous for its casinos and is known as the ‘Vegas of the East’, however, Macau has lots more to offer and is great for a day trip for a 2-night stay. Macau, like Hong Kong, is heavily influenced by European culture. As Hong Kong has been influenced by British culture, Macau has been influenced by Portuguese culture, as Portugal held Macau as a territory until 1999. In Macau, customers have the chance to see a blend of Portuguese Mediterranean architecture, cuisine and lifestyle, with a very authentic and Asian Chinese style of life. China Holidays can assist our clients in adding Macau on as an additional excursion when visiting Hong Kong.

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As seen above, Hong Kong is rich in tourist sights, tasty foods and unique cultural and historical elements. Hong Kong is a leading destination in tourism and it is no wonder why. At China Holidays, we are more than happy to assist our clients on planning a trip to Hong Kong and advising them on where is best to visit and how to plan their trip.

Excellent source of information is Hong Kong Tourism Board website.

Things to see and do in Hong Kong
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