Festivals in October – Chongyang Festival

2nd October 2014, 21st October 2015


Chongyang Festival, the Double-Ninth, held on the 9th day of the 9th lunar month and there are lots of customs relating to this Festival. On this day people eat chongyang cakes which are filled with nuts. Cake in Chinese language is pronounced “gao” which means high and if you can’t eat cake then climbing High Mountain is the same as eating cakes. Chinese superstation go even further saying that eating cakes during Chongyang Festival means you will progress further, go higher.

Another very popular custom is to drink chrysanthemum wine as chrysanthemums blossom during the festival. According to Chinese tradition drinking this wine can drive devil away.

Double ninth Festival with China HolidaysSince 1989 Chongyang Festival is also designated as Seniors’ Day to show respect to elderly in China. On this day the companies organise fun trip to the country for their elderly workers.

National Day in China is on the 1st October and it’s celebrated for seven days. If you are travelling to China avoid the first week in October as all the sights will be overcrowded. It’s very difficult to book hotel rooms, train of flight tickets as the demand is huge and the price is much higher.

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Festivals in October – Chongyang Festival
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