Dates You Should Avoid When Planning a China Tour

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Mr Barnet, one of our regular clients who travels to China for business and combines his stays with pleasure, come to the office with his packed diary. He is a very nice gentlemen who runs his own successful jewellery company near our office, and arranging trips for him is a real pleasure.

He is an avid golf player and loves to extend his stay at many courses around Beijing or Shanghai. He opened his diary with scheduled meetings for the first week of May in Beijing and wanted to extend his stay at the Fuchun Resort in Hanghzou. Well, we at China Holidays have been to China during the first week in May and our experience was every traveller’s nightmare. The shops were closed, the traffic in Beijing was horrendous, there were no seats available on the trains or planes and the number of staff at the hotel were halved as the other half was at the Great Wall of China enjoying their annual leave on Labour day. It was difficult to explain to Mr Barnet that even we, China Holidays, with our offices in Beijing and Shanghai, could not guarantee him a seat on either a plane or a train from Beijing to Hangzhou. We advised him to move his meetings to after the first week in May and gave him a list of the National Holidays in China which he should avoid.

Here is the list:

The Chinese New Year:

  • As the Chinese New Year falls on the 28th January we would suggest avoiding the following period: 14th January 2017 – 18th February 2017 in 2016, 2 weeks before and 3 weeks after Chinese New Year
  • Although the tourist attraction will be quiet and the travel price low, you have to bear in mind that any kind of transportation within China will be overbooked and the weather will be very cold.

The Labour Day Holiday:

  • The best time to visit China is April, May, September and October but we always advise clients to avoid the period from the 28th April to 8th May 2017.
  • The weather is perfect for visiting China during the above period but tourist attractions are overcrowded as well as any form or transport including international flights.

The National Holiday:

  • As the National Holiday in China falls on the 1st October we would advise clients not to travel in the period from 29th September to the 9th October 2017, one week before and one week after, including weekends.
  • The hotels, trains and flights including international are overbooked. The tourist attractions are overcrowded especially top attractions like the Great Wall of China.
  • Due to high demand from domestic travellers, the prices of hotels, flights, trains are very high.

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Dates You Should Avoid When Planning a China Tour
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