A new UNESCO site in China – Honghe Hani Rice Terraces


The Hani Rice terraces are located on the southern slopes of the Ailao Mountains, and cover an area 13,190 Hectares.

The majority of the population who live and work on the rice terraces come from the Hani people of Yunnan province, one of the 55 nationally recognised minority people of China. The Hani people have lived in this area for the past 1,300 years and the irrigation system of the terraces was carved out of dense forest by the Hani people.

With the Honghe Hani rice terraces being added to the World Heritage Sights of China, the Chinese government have plans for major redevelopment of the area to attract more tourism to the country and the area of Yunnan in particular.

China Holidays recommends a visit to the rice terraces not only to tourists, but to fans agricultural life in China. Here, understand the importance the rice terraces have on local industry, and how the area will become an important tourist spot in the near future.

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A new UNESCO site in China – Honghe Hani Rice Terraces
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