10 Facts about Dragon Boat Festival

Dragon Boat Festival with China Holidays

1. The Dragon Boat Race is also known as Duanwu Festival in Mandarin and Tuen Ng Festival in Cantonese Chinese

2. It takes place is on the fifth day of the fifth month on Chinese lunar calendar

3. Race takes place in the Dragon Boats so called because the stern and the bow of the boats represent the shapes of a traditional Chinese Dragon.

4. The race is rowed by a team between 10 -50 rowers and egged on by a drummer who guides the rhythm of the rowers.

5. Each boat is decorated with dragon heads on the stern.

6. Its beloved the winner of the Dragon Boat Race brings better harvest to the Village

7. Legends say the Dragon Boat Race takes place in order to find Qu Yuan body.

8. Who is Qu Yuan? Qu Yuan was famous poet and politician during Chu Period who was expelled by Emperor after wrongly accused of treason. In order to show his passion and love for his country he wrote poems. After he wrote the famous Huia Sha poem in 278BC he drowned himself on the fifth day of the fifth month on Chinese lunar calendar. People all around country were distraught and set off their fishing boats to find a body of Qu Yuan. They also throw rice in the water hoping the fish would eat rice instead of Qu Yuan body.

9. Zongzi are sticky rice pyramid-shaped dumplings wrapped in bamboo leaves and with a variety of fillings and are traditionally eaten during the Dragon Boat Festival.

10. During the Festival children have coloured silks tied around their wrists and ankles to protect them from illness, and carry pouches filled with perfume.

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10 Facts about Dragon Boat Festival
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